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Graduation and Alumni

JCU Brisbane Graduation 2017

If you have completed the requirements for your course and wish to graduate, you must complete the online graduation application form.

The James Cook University Brisbane 2017 graduation will be held on Friday 22nd September 2017 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Students wishing to graduate will need to complete both forms below:

The best entrance for the ceremony will be via Merivale Street. Students are requested to arrive at the venue at 12:00pm to commence robing. The ceremony will commence at 2:00pm. Any late arrivals will not be allowed to graduate. Paid parking is available at the venue.

*Any student who does not wish to attend a Graduation Ceremony can have their award conferred in absentia at a University Council meeting (Tick the appropriate box on the form). Students, who request to graduate in absentia, will be mailed their certificate to a nominated address and will then be unable to participate in any future ceremonies.

Students who complete their degree mid-year have the option to graduate in absentia or they may attend the next scheduled faculty graduation ceremony which may not be until the following year. Students who opt to attend a graduation ceremony will not receive their testamur until graduation. If proof of completion for the degree is required prior to graduation an official academic transcript indicating completion may be purchased.

The University is unable to graduate any student who has not completed the online graduation application form.

Please note: Applicants who have failed to show identification in an examination room or who have any outstanding fees or charges will not be approved to graduate.

Wearing academic dress at graduation ceremonies is compulsory and academic dress can be hired for the graduation.

For any further questions please email:


Beyond Graduation

Also, be sure to check out the Careers section for some useful tips on finding full time and graduate work.

Overseas Visitors Health Cover

Do you have family and friends visiting for your Graduation?  They can get Overseas Visitors Health Cover at a discounted rate with Allianz Global Assistance.




JCU alumni are valued members of a global community and we consider each and every one an ambassador for JCU. Once you qualify as an alumnus because of your studies or by virtue of being a staff member, you are a member of this global community.

JCU alumni consist of the following:

  • all members of Convocation, as set and defined in JCU Statutes (no. 1);
  • all current and former staff who have served for at least one year, including academic and general staff;
  • all current and former students of JCU (including the other institutions listed in the Convocation) who have successfully completed the equivalent of at least one full-time teaching period (i.e. three subjects), including past students who did not graduate;
  • all donors who have given a cumulative gift of at least $1,000.

The Convocation of the University consists of the following:

  • all graduates of the University and all graduates of the Townsville College of Advanced Education;
  • all members and past members of the council and all past members of the council of the Townsville College of Advanced Education;
  • all past members of the Advisory Council of the University College of Townsville;
  • graduates of the University of Queensland who, while undergraduates, were enrolled for at least three years at the University College of Townsville;
  • the following staff of the University:
    • academic staff
    • the Registrar
    • the Director, Resources Office
    • the University Librarian
    • the Director, Central Services Office
    • such other persons who accept an invitation from the council to become members of the Convocation.

Alumni Benefits

JCU Alumni are entitled to a range of benefits and discounts encompassing travel, accommodation, car rental, entertainment, printing, photocopying, stationery, computers, and finance, fitness and library services. We will be adding to this range of the benefits on a regular basis.

If you are a Graduate/Alumnus, login here to take advantage of these benefits.