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Student Mentor Program

The Student Mentor Program is a volunteer program designed to connect students with student mentors to support and encourage them to achieve their potential. Students may want a mentor for a number of reasons and so we have two different types of mentors, Buddy Mentor and Study Mentor. Both of these mentors aim to guide you so you can get the most out of your experience here at JCU Brisbane.

So whether you are new to Brisbane, new to university or you just want to hone your study, leadership or people skills, the JCU Brisbane Mentoring Program is here to help.



Buddy Mentor

It can be daunting when you first arrive in a new country, city, and university. Mentors know what it is like being new - only they have found their way around, have a good understanding of their degree and are achieving good results.  You will be able to learn from them as they share their experiences regarding studying at JCUB and living in a foreign country.

Study Mentor

You know your way around Brisbane - even uni! But perhaps your study commitments are becoming a weight that is increasingly harder to bear. A Study Mentor can help you learn valuable skills aimed at mastering the management of your study while providing support and encouragement to help you on your way to achieving your academic (and personal!) potential. Study Mentors won't necessarily have studied the same subjects as you, but these mentors know what it takes to apply oneself and want to share their experiences with you so that you can become the best you can be.

The Role of a Mentor

  • Meet and greet new students on Orientation Day.
  • Provide support and encouragement to the Mentee.
  • Recognise and recruit new Mentors for the program.
  • Positively promote the program.
  • Attend training and professional development seminars.
  • Clarify, where necessary, University policy/procedures to new students.
  • Network and liaise with new students and faculty staff when necessary.
  • Participate, and encourage participation, of Mentees in various trimester events such as picnics, seminars, exam pit stop, social and games nights, academic and training workshops.


  • Mentors are not paid, it is a voluntary position.
  • A certificate of appreciation and training are offered as an incentive.
  • Mentoring provides an opportunity to learn.  Mentors are able to practice leadership, communication and teamwork skills, all of which are vital to any employer.

We are recruiting!

JCU Brisbane invites you to take part in our Student Mentor Program this trimester.

We are looking for mentors and mentees from all disciplines.

Whether you are interested in mentoring a fellow student or being mentored, we would like to hear from you!

You can register to be part of the program by emailing the program coordinator