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Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

On Wednesday the 12th of April 2017, postgraduate students studying LB5205 People in Organisations had a guest lecture from Event Professional, Jason Thomas.

After 25 years of experience in the Events Management Industry, Jason shared his experiences and insight as to what he has learned about stress management and work-life balance. We were privileged with Jason’s openness as he shared some of his personal experiences about the consequences of not identifying and managing stress and the impact this had on his personal and professional life.  Jason credited resilience, awareness, support and a strong interest in his field as key factors important to create, maintain and master work-life. When asked, “Is it possible to have it all?” Jason explained, “That depends on what you mean by ‘all’. But yes. I feel that I have it all. A job I love. A family who I love and who support me. And the time and means to travel. There is nothing more I want”.

Students will be assessed on Jason Thomas’ presentation, and that of another guest lecturer in a “round table” assessment. Students are required to use these guest lectures as a platform from which to develop a deeper understanding of the topics presented. In groups, students are then required to attend a meeting with the lecturer where their depth of understanding, application, and professional presentation skills will be assessed through open discussion.

Thank you to Jason Thomas for providing great insight about stress management and the importance of work-life balance. Our students have found the content delivered in your presentation to be very helpful.

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