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Road Safety Drink Walking Campaign

When you’re drinking, it’s easy to step into trouble.

Did you know that drinking and walking can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving? Sadly, last year, more than one in three pedestrians killed on Queensland roads had been drinking.

Alcohol impairs thinking, coordination and reaction times, yet drinking and walking is not seen by many of us as being a risky behaviour. We may be easily distracted by our phones and friends, and not concentrating on the risks of walking near the road.

To combat this, a new Queensland Government Join the Drive road safety campaign has just been launched to coincide with the holiday season.

The message is simple - if you have had a few drinks, take care near the road and watch where you cross.

The campaign runs until February next year and features online videos and advertising material for pubs and clubs, including eye catching street chalk art.


Top tips for safer walking after drinking

  • Cross at signalised intersections if possible, following the little green man.
  • Don’t race the traffic especially when your judgement and reactions are compromised by alcohol.
  • Avoid walking home drunk - get where you are going safely with a sober walking mate, pre-organised lift, designated dry driver or cab / ride share or public transport.
  • Keep your attention on the road when you are crossing.

For more tips on staying safe near the road after drinking, visit

Or to find out more and get involved with road safety initiatives, please follow Join the Drive on Facebook:



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