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Instant Feedback for Environmentally Friendly Campers at the Planting Festival

JCU Brisbane Lecturer, Dr David Gration, headed up a research team including Associate Professor of Marketing Maria Raciti from USC and Professor David Weaver from GU, to investigate the environmental and camping behaviours and attitudes among campers at The Planting Festival at Woodfordia last weekend. Campers were surveyed as they arrived at the camping grounds on Friday, data crunched on the Saturday and the preliminary findings of a cluster analysis presented back to nearly 200 campers at a Sunday panel session. Research on steroids?

Initial findings showed four clusters:

“True Believers” - who are strong environmentalists. Camping is very important to them, especially for enhancing well-being, for escaping from modern technology, and for connecting with nature.

“Camp Conservers” - who are also strong environmentalists. Camping is not quite as important to them, but they are even stronger than True Believers in minimising their wastage.

“Camp Consumers” – who are still fairly strong environmentalists. Camping is somewhat important to them, but they generate considerable wastage & often place convenience above conservation.

“Unenthused” - Neutral on environmental commitment. Camping is not important to their self-identity or personal well-being, & they don’t disengage with technology while camping, or try to minimise their waste or consumption

Other findings showed that Woodfordia is a place where campers can feel at home in a pro-environmental community of people; and that campers still feel their personal comfort is important.

Analysis of this data will allow LB5202 Marketing Management students to present their findings and recommendations in a marketing plan. The ultimate aim is to look at ways marketing can be used to encourage a greater number of university students to attend The Planting Festival.

There’s still a lot of research work to do, exploring the relationships between camping and environmental beliefs and attitudes. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating once said “If you’re not living in Sydney you’re camping out”. This ongoing research seeks to find out what “camping out” really means to those who travel the roads out of the cities looking for a more natural environment.


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For further information contact Dr David Gration

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