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Domestic Fees


Program Fee Per Subject 2016 Fee Per Subject 2017

Master of Business Administration
(Including Weekend Mode)
2,940 TBA
Master of Information Technology 2,940 TBA
Master of Professional Accounting 2,940 TBA
Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management 2,940 TBA
Joint Master Programs
Master of Information Technology-Master of Business Administration 2,940 TBA
Master of Professional Accounting-Master of Business Administration 2,940 TBA
Master Of International Tourism & Hospitality Management-Master of Business Administration 2,940 TBA


There are a number of options available for you to manage your tuition fees.

  1. You can nominate to pay for each subject as you progress through your study (check with your accountant for possible tax incentives).
  2. FEE_HELP is available

Apply Now

JCU Brisbane has multiple start dates throughout the year which gives you greater flexibility. Applications are assessed as they are received and you will receive notification of your application within 7 days of applying. JCU Brisbane is aware of the time pressures on professionals and have made the application process as simple as possible.

Simply do one of the following:

  • Send an email to and we will email you everything you need - or -
  • request a personal visit and we will come to your office to discuss your options.

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Additional Fees

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSA Fee)

As a JCU student, you must pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSA Fee).

The SSA Fee is charged at $43.50 per subject enrolled in during 2016.

The income from the SSA Fee is used to improve services and facilities on and off campus. The SSA Fee is helping to build a better university experience for you.

Click here for more information

To view planned expenditure for 2016 click here

Fees are correct at time of printing and may be subject to change without notice. All three trimesters are compulsory enrolment periods for students who are studying while on a student visa. A trimester is approximately four months long.

Click on one of the below links for a detailed list of tuition fees for the different programs we offer:

All fees listed are in Australian dollars.